Wow, if anything, getting the windows in was a huge challenge. When we ordered them in May we were told they would be delivered on the 10th of August together with the missing mosquito nets for our windows. Well, what a surprise when the 10th of August came and went without a window in sight. They said they had a little delay because there was a fire at the factory. They should come by the end of August. August passed, September passed and we were really getting irritated as we wanted to finish the painting inside. Finally on the 12th of October they arrived and could start getting fitted. One window was missing, 6 windows didn’t have the frosted glass as ordered, 1 window didn’t fit and two didn’t have the opening latch in the right place and the OT entrance door-window was wrong. The fitters just wanted to get their job done and over with and made a mess of the mosquito nets. So, we had to stand over them and check every single window and net taking hours. All in all, it was a very frustrating experience but they’re in now and now that the rainy season is over the building is watertight.