How you can donate to this project

Thanks to the generous support of our friends and family we are nearing the completion of the Anava Hospital building and are facing the enormous task of equipping it. To do so we need your financial support. We are unable to bring in used medical equipments for the project due to restrictions imposed on the import of used medical equipment, so all our equipment will have to be purchased in India itself. This has the advantage that we will be able to get the equipment serviced too. We have been collecting quotations for the following rooms:

Estimated cost of:

– 2 delivery rooms                         6000.- CHF each

– 2 operation theatres                  60’000.- CHF (with desperately needed laparascopic equipment)

– a recovery room                          15’000. – CHF

– a laboratory                                 15’000.- CHF

– an X-ray room                              15’000.- CHF

– patient wards                              10’000.- CHF

– 4 examination rooms                 2000.- CHF each

– emergency department             20’000.-CHF

So, in total we will need around 215’000.- to make the hospital fully functional. If you feel in any way able to contribute to this project, even 10.- CHF will bring us a step closer to providing for the needs of this region. For instance, 10.- CHF would cover the cost of a pack of 50 sterile gloves, a blood pressure machine would come to around 20.-CHF, 40.-CHF would buy a fetal doppler machine, a mattress can be bought for around 100.-CHF, 350.-  CHF will cover the cost of a window, 500.- CHF would pay for a bed, 1500.- CHF provides an operation theatre lamp etc.

The good news is that, because our charity has received tax exemption by the bernese government in Switzerland, all Swiss donors will be able to claim tax exemption for whatever they have contributed! You will receive a donation receipt for your donation in January each year.

Please contact us, should you have any questions, we would be delighted to explain.

Here are the payment details for a direct bank transfer:


Anava Foundation

Aarbühlstrasse 15

3084 Wabern


Bank Name: Postfinance

IBAN: CH20 0900 0000 6128 4549 5

The correct Bank account information will never be sent over Email and is always located on this website.