We enjoyed a little break from the construction when we joined our local church call “Christ Church” for a weekend in Tzürang Valley. The church had organised free drugs from the government and so we held a small medical camp for the tee leaf pickers and rubber tree plantation workers who have no access to medical care. The problems we faced were shocking. We were asked to help a 12-year-old child with hydrocephalus who was bed ridden since childhood, a one-and -a -half- year old baby who should have been running around with Elisa, but who couldn’t even sit up and weighed perhaps around 6kg, most probably due to oxygen deficiency during childbirth at home. A little 4-year-old boy was brought to see us who was blind since birth…We couldn’t do anything for any of them there in the forest with no facilities. All of them had never been seen to by medical professionals. Furthermore, they were all asking when they could come for treatment to our hospital. Again, it has been a confirmation that the need for medical care is quite desperate here.