Introducing the Anava Foundation

Having started off as a simple idea after seeing the lack of medical care in the rural areas of Nagaland, the hospital project grew on us and started to take shape after the purchase of the land. But after sharing our ideas and plans with friends and family, we realised that we had to put our vision down on paper in order to present the sincerity of the project, the details, the news and the progress. With this being our desire, we decided to start a non-profit foundation which would be the door to bringing health care services to needy areas. This has resulted in the anava foundation.  Being a legal body we can officially declare our values, interests and plans.

Why Anava?

 On the search for names carrying the meaning of our core values, such as kindness, goodness, gentleness, compassion, justice and love, we stumbled across the Hebrew name “anava” meaning “gentleness, modesty, humility”. At the same time it means “nearby” in the local language Chungli. So with such great meanings in two different languages combined, we decided it should be Anava! In the Bible it says: “Let your gentleness be evident to all”! It’s an attitude that we want to practice as doctors wherever we work, in word and deed.

Apart from being a source of information, we want the foundation to be a platform for exchange.  We rely on the moral support of friends and family input, ideas, suggestions and contributions. As we dare to venture out on a mission far too large for our means and qualifications, we know that all will fail if there aren’t people standing behind us in support of the desire to reach out to those who aren’t as privileged as we are.

So you are welcome to join us on this adventure! Become a member of the anava foundation with no strings attached, subscribe to our quarterly newsletter or contribute by either actively taking part or donating funds or goods.

How to get Involved


1 Name and Headquarters

“Anava Foundation“ is a society according to article 60 ff. of the civilian code of law of Switzerland, based in Thun.

The foundation is politically neutral and independent.

2 Purpose

The foundation aims to support and promote the hospital project “Anava Hospital” in the rural district of Mokokchung in Nagaland, India.  The main purpose of the hospital is to complement the local medical facilities with affordable, modern, operative and diagnostic services.  High quality, considerate and safe medicine, based on Christian values, will become accessible for the poor of the region.

At the same time, the foundation will provide a platform for an international medical exchange. This should enable western professionals to gain work experience and at the same time provide training for local staff in evidence-based empathetic medicine.

The long-term objective will be the self-sufficiency of the hospital. Thereafter the foundation can attend to other medical or humanitarian projects.

3 Funds

The funds are comprised of donations, membership-fees and contributions of any kind.

The financial year coincides with the calendar year.

4 Membership

Any individual or legal body who supports the purpose of the foundation can become a member. Membership admission can be sought at any time and must be applied for directly to the board. The board decides on the acceptance of its members.

4.1 Termination of membership

Membership of individuals naturally terminates in the case of death; that of legal bodies terminates with loss of legal position.

Other than that, a written resignation addressed to the Executive Committee can be handed in at the end of each year, given one months’ notice.

A member can be excluded by the board without reason at any given time. The exclusion will be recorded in the board’s report.

5 Bodies of the Foundation

These are the following foundation bodies:

  • The General Assembly
  • The Executive Committee/Board

6 The General Assembly

The General Assembly is the most important body of the foundation. An ordinary general meeting will be held on a yearly basis.

The Executive Committee can invite members to an extra ordinary meeting if need be. Similarly a meeting can be held if it is requested by a minimum of 20% of the members.

The following responsibilities are given to the General Assembly:

  • Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting
  • Modification of the statutes
  • Election of the Executive Committee and the Chairman
  • Approval of the annual account and the budget
  • Enactment of regulations
  • Passing a resolution with regard to the dissolution of the foundation
  • Setting of the membership dues
  • Decisions on matters that the foundation is entitled to

Every regular General Assembly constitutes a quorum. It is led by the Chairman or his/her deputy. Minutes are kept of the resolutions passed at the assembly.

Every member has one vote at the assembly. Decisions of a General Meeting require a simple majority of the votes of the Full members present or represented. In the event of a tie, the Chairman has the casting vote.

Resolutions with regard to the dissolution of the foundation or the modification of the statutes must be based on an absolute majority of the votes.

7 The Executive Committee /Board of Directors

The board comprises of at least three members, who are elected for two consecutive years. Re-election is possible. The board constitutes itself.

The Executive Committee is responsible for the day-to-day running of the organisation in accordance with the constitution and the decisions of the Annual General Meeting and represents the foundation outwardly. The Board instructs and designates persons authorized to represent the Foundation, and lays down details of their signatory powers.

Board-meetings are held according to necessity and can be summoned by any board member. Minutes of each board-meeting are kept. Resolutions are made based on a majority of votes. In the event of a tie, the Chairman has the casting vote.

8 Liability

The funds and assets of the foundation are solely liable to the foundation’s binding obligations, the personal liability of the members is excluded.

9 Fiscal year

The fiscal year of the foundation shall correspond with the calendar year.

10 Dissolution of the Foundation

Should the foundation be dissolved, the General Assembly decides the employment of the liquidation procedure.  However, the profit and capital would be compelled to be turned over to a tax-exempted legal body based in Switzerland with a charitable purpose.

11 Entry into force of the statutes

These statutes have been accepted and implemented according to the inaugural meeting of the 30/09/2016.

Thun, 30.09.2016