As it’s a big challenge to find available bulldozers in Nagaland and in the right season,—meaning after the monsoon—Sungti had “booked” them over 6 months in advance. And then an amazing thing happened: We were introduced to Herbert Bolliger, a retired architect in Switzerland. Hearing of our plans he was eager to find out more, so we met up to discuss what we had in mind. Being aware of our limitations concerning architectural design and project management we were really grateful to receive advice from an experienced professional. Being inspired by our vision, Herbert spontaneously decided to join Sungti in India to help with the planning and earth-cutting.

Standing at the bottom of the big forested hill, it was difficult to imagine how and where we should start. And then there was a smaller plot a little further down by the college in the valley. Seeming to be the flatter portion we had been planning to build the hospital there.

But after inspecting the different options it became clear, that the hilltop would be the more pleasant location for a hospital, as the surroundings play an important role in the healing of a patient. The hill is covered with forest and a gentle breeze adds to the airiness of the site. A spectacular view of the surrounding hills, of Mokokchung and other villages, contributes to a healthy environment.

So the decision was made and after some measurements and examinations of the land, the diggers and bulldozers started work.